Frontal/Closure  Wigs

we want to share about our Tips how to purchase the lace wig in a smart way. And we also want to teach people how to avoid getting scammed when you are purchasing lace wig...In our Tutorial hair video, we keep saying that Its much better to buy lace closure wig and Frontal wig If you are looking for High Density Wig. So we have a variety choice for your customers2 bundles volume hair to make the wig, 3 bundles volume hair to make the wig, Please watch this video to see the different density wig 
Here is another hair video to view the good luster of the wig made by bundles and frontal      
Please watch this hair video to learn how to purchase a wig   
Mejor Milagros Wholesale Virgin Hair makes a variety of lace wig such as 4*4 closure wig and 5*5 closure wig and 6*6 closure wig and 7*7 closure wig and 13*4 Frontal wig and 13*6 Frontal Wig. And we have different color lace like Swiss medium brown lace,Transparent light lace and HD lace.
On This category of lace wig, after you place the order, we take 1-2 working days to make and then ship out. A lot of wholesale hair vendors and hair salons and beauty supplies stores love to cooperate with Mejor Milagros Hair because we always deliver the consistent quality they want.