Lace Frontal Hair for Women

Our Celebrity Hair lace Frontal is Fuller than the single donor virgin hair closure, we would rather say its much better compared to most of Aliexpress and Alibaba hair vendors hair. we recommend customers to order this celebrity hair lace Frontal for Personal use, sometimes you need something different to compare what is the Best Hair Ever that can last very long time. But If you are purchasing the hair to resell, Most customers will order our Mejor Single Donor Virgin Hair. We have a lot of customers review on YouTube and you can see what people are saying about Mejor Milagros Virgin Hair the lace frontal after installed.
How to measure the True to length lace closure and frontal 
we also have some hair reviews on Instagram: 
And when you purchase the lace frontal, be careful that some other hair vendors will mix the animal hair inside, so when you receive the closure and frontal, you need to wash it and color it and see how it moves.
We Don't sell hair in Number A grade like other vendors on aliexpress and alibaba hair!! Today they say 7A 8A and same hair next year they say 9A 10A, they will even change the package and sell in 11A 12A ..This is only a selling Trick on Internet. ...we have our own Quality standard that you can see on our product description and learn from our videos. 
We tell all our customers that there is No real Brazilian or Peruvian hair in China . And No real Mink hair ...Other Hair vendors only create names and do marketing online and It's only a selling Trick in this hair business!! 
Our customers buy our hair and sell as Brazilian Peruvian hair etc...and their clients don't mind the name as long as the quality is good and last long time.
Hopefully people can watch this video to know more about this hair industry :