when seeking a wholesale hair vendor, it's essential to gather as much information as possible to ensure they meet your needs and standards. Here are some Top 10 Frequent (FAQ)to consider when you partner with a Hair Factory: 

1: What type of hair do you use for your hair extension?

The Normal answer should be 100% natural human hair for all hair extensions, but this is what the hair vendors will say to you. It would help if you focused on the Intent keywords: "hair extension type" "human hair extension" and "hair material". And a Professional Hair Factory or a Trustworthy hair vendor will NOT tell you they have Brazilian hair Malaysian hair or Russian hair which are all typed when you search vendors on Alibaba https://www.alibaba.com/trade/search?spm=a2700.product_home_newuser.home_new_user_first_screen_fy23_pc_search_bar.keydown__Enter&tab=all&SearchText=hair+vendor 

The perfect answer is shown on our YouTube Tutorial video www.mejorvirginhair.com and https://youtu.be/kAkaGK1rNJ8?si=E52ITGARRi5oQPBr 

2: Are your extensions made from human hair or synthetic fibers? 

It directly addresses a key concern for customers regarding the quality and authenticity of the hair extensions they are considering purchasing. The human or synthetic significantly impacts the extensions' look, feel, styling versatility, and overall experience. The main reason why you need to ask this question is that there are some high-technique synthetic fibers can mimic human hair. 

3: Where do you source your hair from? 

There is no doubt that the hair should be sourced from different areas of China, India, Vietnam, or other south Asian countries.  

But No hair from Brazil, Peru, or Malaysia. For further study, our channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnGNNGbHI8HV0_o1nmzXnsA will offer more tips. 

4: Do you offer RAW HAIR or VIRGINHAIR or Remy Hair?

This is a good question to let your wholesale hair vendor to understand your hair business.  Take us for example, Mejor Milagros sell Remy Hair to Middle-income people, Raw hair and Virgin Hair to High-income people.  that is how we help a lot of hair salons to grow up business Because the price and quality can meet demands from salons. 

5:How long do your extensions and wigs typically last?

This question to let your wholesale hair vendor understand you focus on intent keywords "hair extension lifespan" "durability of hair extension" and "longevity of extension".  Normally vendors will say hair will last up to 1-2 years with proper care and maintenance. But you should analyze which type of hair you should buy for your hair salons to meet different demands of clients who have high or low budget.  we have many experiences of setting up hair selling projects for clients.  https://www.youtube.com/@MejorMilaRawVirginHair/videos 

6: Are your Raw Hair ethically sourced? 

When asking about ethical sourcing by Mejor Milagros wholesale, customers are concerned about fair labor practices, sustainability, authenticity, transparency, and cultural sensitivity in the hair extension industry. We understand the importance of ethical sourcing, and we are committed to ensuring that our hair extensions are sourced responsibly and ethically. Here's how we address the main concerns. For example, we pay good to donors who we collect raw hair from, and we respect the people who are working with us. We source our hair respectfully and ensure that the communities involved in the hair collection process are treated with dignity and fairness. We aim to support and give back to these communities through various initiatives and fair trade practices.

7:  what are your shipping and delivery times?

our standard shipping takes 3-5 business days to different countries.  After we ship out hair orders, you will receive tracking number. 

8: Are your hair natural patterns or how do you create your hair pattern?

Most of the Raw hair in China is straight patterns, and we use the high-temperature machine to steam the hair to create different curl patterns with different size sticks. 

9: What sets your hair company apart from other hair vendors?

At Mejor Milagros Wholesale Hair, we pride ourselves on offering a unique combination of quality, ethical practices, and exceptional customer service that sets us apart from other hair vendors.  

We are deeply committed to ethical sourcing, our hair is collected from donors who are treated with respect and compensated fairly, we are partners with raw hair suppliers who adhere to ethical labor practices, ensuring safe working conditions and fair wages.  Additionally, we support sustainable sourcing methods that minimize environment impact. 

What is Minimum order  Quantity for the hair order,  you can buy Few bundles to start.  You can Buy even 1 bundle to test the hair Although The Best way to start the hair business with us is to buy 3 bundles and 1 Closure or 1 frontal to make a head, in this way you can show to your potential clients how the hair feel and look!!

We Don't offer small piece hair like other hair vendors, Because small pieces hair will be totally different feeling and touching from the complete hair bundles, we Don't want any disputes in the future orders! 

10: What payment methods do you accept for hair order?

For Small order, We accept payments via PayPal and Alipay, for bigger order we can do Bank Transfer.

11: Can I see Reviews from previous customers or do you have testimonials for your hair products?
We have some customers who are hair resellers and they don't want other people to know who they buy hair from. 
we also have some customers who are willing to share their opinions about Mejor Milagros Wholesale Hair, here is the review from customers:

we don't have any intention to show a lot of hair reviews about Mejor Milagros Wholesale Hair although a lot of ladies are asking for it.  Actually you can find a lot of information on YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@MejorMilaRawVirginHair/videos 
we encourage you to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Instagram: MejorVirginHair and BeautyFashionTalk3 
You will find a lot of valuable information about the hair industry! 

We Don't sell hair in Number A grade like other vendors on aliexpress and alibaba hair!! Today they say 7A 8A and same hair next year they say 9A 10A, they will even change the package and sell in 11A 12A ..This is only a selling Trick on Internet. ...

We tell all our customers that there is No real Brazilian or Peruvian hair in China . And No real Mink hair ...Other Hair vendors only create names and do marketing online and It's only a selling Trick in this hair business!!

Our customers buy our hair and sell as Brazilian Peruvian hair etc...and their clients don't mind the name as long as the quality is good and last long time.

How do we collect our own hair:  We have our own team to collect the healthy hair, we have our own donors, We sign contract with some sites and we will be the only one can cut hair directly , so we do weekly or monthly sites visit to make sure hair is healthy.


How do we put hair:  we usually put donors hair same color together, or per requested by customers we use only one donor hair to make weft, some one donor hair is one color, some one donor hair have little brown and dark brown, it all depends on customers what they want.

How do we do Fabrication:  After we clean the hair, we use Three drawn machine to make Double Weft to make sure No shedding No tangling .

How do we do Sanitize the hair:  We Rinse the hair with Hot water  and High quality Vinegar, Pls Note the Vinegar normally used in Hospital to disinfect, and then comb the hair at least 20 times before the sanitizations is completed. Then after that we wash the hair again by clean water.  So in this way all cuticle are In tact and full on the hair.

Above are our 4 critical methods, every companies have different ways, but we always do best for our clients thats why some celebrities use our hair.

Return/Refund Policy: 

Customers can return the hair within 7 working days by the time they receive the hair If they don’t like the hair.  

And customers pay the shipping fee to return. 

Customers Can NOT return the hair If the hair is used wrongly  or with smell...