Guangzhou Shi Yu Import & Export Ltd.,Co  is a main Hair supplier from China, We have great Passion for this Hair business,  we Help people to learn about this industry and keep educating them to let more and more people Know the Truth in this Hair line. Our Passion comes from the bottom of our heart and we are just kind of a Hair Evangelist to keep passing information to the Hair Community where people are living without a hair unit every day.

What makes us Different from other hair vendors is that we are Not only sitting in front of the computer to chat and you Never see who we are, but we always travel and meet clients family too, and they tell us their experience which was good or bad, what they really need, and how we can do to help their business.  We think we should be a Very Good Evangelist in this hair industry and teach people how to tell the Real Quality. And guide them what quality of hair is good for them to sell in business.


If you are tired of changing hair suppliers frequently, we suggest you to spend one day to watch our YouTube Videos then you know why, you will see the difference of the way how we are working.  YouTube Channel:  Mejor Milagros Wholesale Virgin Hair