1:  No minimum Order Quantity for the hair order,  you can buy Few bundles to start.  You can Buy even 1 bundle to test the hair Although The Best way to start the hair business with us is to buy 3 bundles and 1 Closure or 1 frontal to make a head, in this way you can show to your potential clients how the hair feel and look!!! 

We Don't offer small piece hair like other hair vendors, Because small pieces hair will be totally different feeling and touching from the complete hair bundles, we Don't want any disputes in the future orders! 

We accept payments via PayPal and Western Union and Moneygram and Bank Transfer.

2:  We can help customers to make bundles wrap and hair tag and other package.

3:  we can hire Professor to make professional photos for you and the cost is much cheaper than you find people to do it in your country.

4:  If you buy hair From China, we don't consider it Raw hair, our hair is 100% cuticle aligned virgin hair.  If Someone tell you the curl hair in China is Raw, then you should be careful!!

5:  We can Fly to your country to help you set up the businsss If you want.

6:  you can send us hair photos from other sites and we can make better Quality for you!!

7:  We Manufacture the hair and ship to different countries, our capability of manufacturing the hair each month is around 2 million US dollars. And we can arrange more workers to make the hair in accordance with orders request!

8:  we have indian hair, Chinese Hair, Cambodian hair, Burmese hair...all different Asian countries hair.  If you buy Hair from Asian countries, there is NO Real Brazilian hair and NO Real Peruvian hair which are all a marketing name and very tricky way to lure people to buy because of the name.

9:  We Don't sell hair in Number A grade like other vendors on aliexpress and alibaba hair!! Today they say 7A 8A and same hair next year they say 9A 10A, they will even change the package and sell in 11A 12A ..This is only a selling Trick on Internet. ...we have our own Quality standard that you can see on our product description and learn from our videos.

We tell all our customers that there is No real Brazilian or Peruvian hair in China . And No real Mink hair ...Other Hair vendors only create names and do marketing online and It's only a selling Trick in this hair business!!

Our customers buy our hair and sell as Brazilian Peruvian hair etc...and their clients don't mind the name as long as the quality is good and last long time.

How do we collect our own hair:  We have our own team to collect the healthy hair, we have our own donors, We sign contract with some sites and we will be the only one can cut hair directly , so we do weekly or monthly sites visit to make sure hair is healthy.


How do we put hair:  we usually put donors hair same color together, or per requested by customers we use only one donor hair to make weft, some one donor hair is one color, some one donor hair have little brown and dark brown, it all depends on customers what they want.

How do we do Fabrication:  After we clean the hair, we use Three drawn machine to make Double Weft to make sure No shedding No tangling .

How do we do Sanitize the hair:  We Rinse the hair with Hot water  and High quality Vinegar, Pls Note the Vinegar normally used in Hospital to disinfect, and then comb the hair at least 20 times before the sanitizations is completed. Then after that we wash the hair again by clean water.  So in this way all cuticle are In tact and full on the hair.

Above are our 4 critical methods, every companies have different ways, but we always do best for our clients thats why some celebrities use our hair.

10: Return/Refund Policy: 

Customers can return the hair within 7 working days by the time they receive the hair If they don’t like the hair.  

And customers pay the shipping fee to return. 

Customers Can NOT return the hair If the hair is used wrongly  or with smell...