Affordable colored Bundle

In Our Remy Hair Caregory, it includes two type of Quality Remy Hair, one is Regular Remy hair and Another one is Fuller Remy hair.  Both of them are 100% human hair although not the Top quality hair material which is different persons hair together , a lot of customers buy to resell to low income people and middle income clients.  To help people to decide which type of Remy hair to purchase, please watch this video carefully as many times as you can.   Then you can better understand the difference between Regular Remy hair and Fuller Remy hair.  Regarding the longevity of the remy hair can last, some people use the Remy hair more than 1year and some people use more than 10 months and some use the hair around 4 months, so it depends on how people use the hair. If the hair maintained well then can last longer time.  But If you want the Best Quality hair which is 100% Cuticle aligned, then you should go for our Virgin Hair Category.